Anger Management in the Real World



Ex-County Sheriff candidate pleads guilty

Lovejoy was accused of engaging in “fighting or tumultuous behavior in a public place” during an argument with Jeffrey Walker in the area of the Monahan Farm stand on South Road in East Kingston.
Lovejoy, originally faced a misdemeanor simple assault charge alleging that he struck Walker in the chin with his open hand.Police Officer Iannuccillo said he responded to an altercation between Lovejoy and Walker. He said he arrived at the scene and found Lovejoy “visibly irate and yelling that he wanted Walker arrested for removing his political sign.”
Lovejoy was fined $750, with $500 suspended based on good behavior. He was also ordered to enroll in an anger management evaluation within the next 90 days.

City Employee Convicted of Assaulting Child
Longtime city employee Robert Gordon was found guilty Friday of assaulting an 11-year-old boy during a pickup basketball game at the Charles Barrett Recreation Center in April.
“You let a very small child get the best of you,” Judge Constance Frogale told Gordon before sentencing him to 12 months of jail — with all but 10 days suspended — and an anger management program.
Though witnesses offered differing versions of the assault, Gordan, the recreation center director, was shooting hoops with five children in the center’s gymnasium when he and the victim got into an argument on April 13. After insulting Gordon and Gordon’s deceased father, the child fled to a nearby multipurpose room filled with other children and at least one staff member, according to courtroom testimony.

Man charged in road rage incident

COURTHOUSE — A Lower Providence man must undergo anger management counseling while under court supervision for assaulting another man with a piece of lumber, breaking the victim’s arm, during an altercation on a township roadway.
Robert Delu, 68, was sentenced to three years’ probation on charges of simple assault, recklessly endangering another person and disorderly conduct in connection with an altercation that occurred.
Judge Gary S. Silow also ordered Delu to complete an anger management counseling program. Delu is prohibited from having any contact with the victim as a condition of the sentence and must pay $1,592 in restitution.
Swimsuit model 'in nightclub catfight over a taxi' is ordered to do anger management
Gorgeous swimsuit model Jessica White has been ordered to go to anger management sessions for an alleged fight with another woman over a cab last October.

The Victoria's Secret model appeared in Manhattan Criminal Court on Wednesday to face misdemeanor assault charges.

The judge told her the charges will be dismissed if she stays out of trouble for six months, serves three days of community service and goes to anger management for two days.

She also has to pay $489.94 to compensate Vanessa Kia, the Connecticut car rental company clerk she was accused of hitting as they jostled for a cab outside a nightclub

52-week anger management

The District Attorney's Office charged Robert Davis with assault with a deadly weapon and unlawfully and maliciously cutting a utility line. Davis pled guilty to count 1, and, in exchange, count 2 was dismissed.

The court sentenced Davis to three years' formal probation. Davis agreed to serve 365 days in county jail with a credit of 67 days. Davis also agreed to participate in a 52-week anger management counseling program as directed by his probation officer that would not terminate without the mutual consent of the probation officer and the program director.
In January the probation officer filed a petition to revoke Davis's probation based upon his arrest for grand theft and his failure to enroll in and participate in an anger management program. In February 2010 Davis admitted a violation of probation by failing to enroll in an anger management class. Probation was revoked and reinstated with the condition that Davis serve an additional 60 days in custody in county jail.


Anger Management In The South Korean Marines

July 13, 2011: South Korea is confronting one of its dirty little secrets; the brutality of life for junior soldiers and marines. This is being publicized by the announcement that two Marine Corps officers (a colonel and lieutenant colonel) are being prosecuted because one of their subordinates, a corporal, had shot four other marines and tried to kill himself with a grenade. This is the third time this sort of thing has happened in the last six years. But as any South Korean veteran, and many American troops who have served in South Korea, can tell you; there's a lot of anger and violence in the South Korean military, especially among the lower ranks and in the barracks, especially when it comes to NCOs disciplining their subordinates.


Man admits attacking wife's boyfriend

A man who admitted he attacked his wife's boyfriend and his son at a confectionery last Wednesday was this morning granted bail until a pre-sentencing report is drawn up.

The report, which has to have a focus on anger management issues, was ordered by the court for Alexander Maggi, 45.

He admitted to attacking Mario Borg and his son Derrick at Sta Luċija confectioners in Attard in a shop full of customers.

Waterford Schools to Pay Teacher With ‘Anger Management’ Issues $100K to Leave Job

The Waterford School District had a problem with one teacher’s “anger management” issues and had concerns about the instructor possibly losing control to the point where there would be a concern about the safety of students, a school official said.

What was the solution?

The teacher accepted a $100,000 settlement to resign in 2009, according to school documents.

Tom Wiseman, assistant superintendent of business and human resources, says this is the only time in the last 20 years that the school has had to reach a settlement with a“non-performing” teacher.


Child beater is sent on anger management course

A MAN who kicked a six-year-old boy and made him 'scream in pain' in front of shocked onlookers has been sent on an anger management course.

Christopher Heather attacked the boy as he held onto a toy outside Weymouth train station and the 28-year-old has re-appeared at Weymouth Magistrates Court for sentencing after admitting assault by beating.

The junior high of the Mommy Group

'I can't go for lunch,' I tell my friend, 'I have Group today.'

Saying this makes me feel terribly louche, like I'm tousled and troubled and court-mandated. But the truth is, I don't trudge to church basements to talk to fellow sufferers about addictions, or anger management, or how I'm going to recreate myself after a lifetime of crime. The group I clock in for is full of much, much more dangerous sorts.

Battling corrections officers disciplined

Here's how the chips fell Monday with two Erie County corrections officers accused of fighting while on duty, apparently over a bag of potato chips:

. Officer Lawrence Mule will serve a 60-day suspension without pay. He has signed a "last-chance" agreement stating he can be fired for any additional misconduct. He must complete an anger-management program, and he waives his right to take his discipline to arbitration.

Principals, deputies to attend workshop

BASSETERRE, ST. KITTS, MAY 10TH 2011 (CUOPM) - Anger Management and Conflict Management in the Schools is the topic for a one-day workshop on Wednesday.

The venue for the workshop is Manhattan Gardens Restaurant and is an OAS-organised and sponsored event in collaboration with the Ministry of Education and Information.

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Mark Mangino is a still a fat guy with anger-management issues

Former University of Kansas football coach Mark Mangino is talking for the first time since he was forced out of the job 17 months ago. In an interview with his hometown paper, the New Castle (Pennsylvania) News , Mangino refuses to his acknowledge that his inability to control his emotions may have played a role in his firing.

Mangino, for instance, blames the media for his becoming a YouTube sensation in 2007. During a game against Central Michigan, the coach tore into a player ("Look at what the fuck you did!") who drew a celebration penalty. Mangino said the TV reporter who captured the tirade "broke an unwritten rule" by recording and releasing the audio. "That should never even have been an issue," Mangino says.

'BK Brawler' banned from Burger Kings, ordered to anger management

An Alabama woman was banned from all Burger King outlets after pleading no contest Tuesday to criminal charges stemming from an incident at a Panama City Beach restaurant.

Nekiva Hardy, 30, the so-called "BK Brawler" whose Spring Break tirade was captured on cellphone video and uploaded to YouTube, pleaded to two felony charges of giving a false name to law enforcement and criminal mischief of more than $1,000, plus misdemeanor counts of battery, disorderly conduct and resisting officers without violence, according to a State Attorney's Office news release.

Hardy was sentenced to 45 days in jail, five years probation, 100 hours of community service work, $3,800 in restitution, $1,077 in fines and court costs, $20 a month for the cost of supervision, and she must complete an anger management course. The Montgomery woman has been held in jail for 41 days, which was credited to her sentence, so she should be released by the weekend, the release stated.

IN RE ANTHONY P., Appellate Division of the Supreme Court of New York

The determination that the agency exercised diligent efforts to support reunification of respondent and her child was supported by clear and convincing evidence that the agency provided respondent with a service plan and referrals tailored to her needs, and required her to complete anger management training, parenting skills training, and therapy, among other things. The agency diligently sought to "encourage a meaningful relationship between the parent and child" by scheduling regular supervised visitation, to no avail.

Clear and convincing evidence supports the determination that respondent permanently neglected the child. Notwithstanding her progress during the relevant statutory period, respondent was convicted of attempted murder and arrested for assaulting the child's father after attending two anger management programs. Respondent was also arrested for prostitution. This indicates that she has not sufficiently addressed the initial problems, i.e., the criminal and violent tendencies, "that led to [the child's] foster care placement in the first place"

Detective fatal beating of Hilmar man was self-defense?

New details emerged Tuesday at a preliminary hearing about the traffic incident that allegedly sparked a case of road rage that resulted in the death of a Hilmar man, as well as the defendant's history of anger management.

Michael Hoyt of Turlock is charged with the murder of Kenneth Winter. The Stanislaus County District Attorney's Office has accused Hoyt of beating Winter so severely during an altercation that it caused fatal injuries to the 67-year-old man.

A MAN traumatised by time served in an Iranian prison has been given a suspended sentence after bashing his wife's head with a lump of wood during a "meltdown".

But Ravanbakhsh Kakavand, 46, could go to jail for four years if he doesn't deal with his anger management problem and breaches conditions including counselling and taking medication.

Kakavand was sentenced in the Supreme Court of South Australia today after Justice Patricia Kelly found him guilty of the roadside attack which ended when a passer-by wrestled him to the ground.

"But for the intervention of a passer-by, you may be facing a charge of murder," Justice Kelly said today.

"Let me repeat, you have an anger management problem," Justice Kelly told Kakavand.

This lack of control put the couple and others around them at risk, she said.

Mother attacked head teacher and two other women at primary school

A mother who attacked a head teacher, school worker and a parent at a primary school has been ordered to attend anger management classes.

Karen Matthew assaulted the three women and caused hundreds of pounds worth of damage when she lashed out at Lumsden Primary School in Aberdeenshire earlier this year.

A sheriff branded the 36-year-old's behaviour "totally unacceptable" and sentenced her to a community payback order spanning two years.

Staff member Fiona Coutts was knocked to the ground when she was punched on the head by Matthew during the attack.

She then hit the worker on the body, during the incident on February 7. Matthew repeatedly pushed head teacher Margaret Thomson and raised her fist in a threatening manner towards parent Moira Falconer.

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Raghu to do a course in anger management

For Raghu, Jaipur is a home away from home as he says, "Mein toh Jaipur ka damad hooon. I have lived in Rajasthan and I love every bit of it," he said. Raghu was at a school in Jaipur as part of an event, for which Jaipur Times was the media partner.

While talking to the students, Raghu was at his witty best. When asked about the beeps in " Roadies", he said, "Beeps are our friends. Agar mein beeps hata doon toh log TV todh denge." Students were eager to know the winner of the show's latest season, but Raghu laughed and said, "Even my parents and wife have been asking me, but I haven't even told them."

Visiting Judge Benson sentencings in Muskegon County Circuit Court

John Thompson , 34, of Muskegon Heights, $2,233.60 balance restitution/fees/costs for violating probation on 2009 conviction of larceny in a building, habitual second, 20 hours community service, anger management. In a separate case, $123.60 balance fees/costs for violating probation on 2009 conviction of resisting/obstructing police, 20 hours community service, anger management.

Troubled Ex-Deacon Woods Could Land At UK

Former Wake Forest center Tony Woods is looking for a new basketball team and Kentucky might be his eventual destination. Woods took an unofficial visit to Lexington last week, but a few other schools are also interested in the big man.

Woods left Wake Forest after he was arrested last Labor Day due to altercation with his girlfriend. He pled guilty to one count of misdemeanor assault on a female and was ordered to complete 100 hours of community service as well as an anger management class.

Woods was suspended indefinitely from the Demon Deacons' basketball team and was eventually granted a release last October.

Slade Heathcott Attacks Catcher

If you followed the 2009 draft at all, you may remember that part of the reason Texas high school outfielder Slade Heathcott lasted until the 29th overall pick, despite excellent tools, was due to concerns about his makeup, unsettled life, and volatile personality.

It seems he still has some work to do on anger management.
Playing for Charleston in the Sally League last night, he got hit by a pitch last night in a game against Greenville and reacted by attacking the catcher.


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